A bathroom is a personal haven, a warm and welcoming room in your home where you can simply enjoy a great start of your day or a space to relax and unwind after a long tiring day. Your own personal place of peace and quiet where you can add a splash of color and chic accents to create an inspiring and inviting ambiance that will prove you a refreshing bathroom experience. Here are some inspirational bathroom tips to create a cozy bathroom retreat.

Creating a focal point
Create an area in your bathroom that will emphasize its main décor highlight. Your attention will be immediately to it and will invite you to step inside so that you can enjoy the dramatic impact of the main design. You can use a wall as your main focal point by making a contrast on the main décor. You can achieve this by painting the wall a vibrant color that will stand out from the rest of the space. You may also opt to put up elegant features in your bathroom like a gorgeous vanity or a trendy standalone bath which are perfect for creating focal points.

Mounting a mirror on the wall
If you want to add more warmth in your bathroom, add a mirror which will reflect the contents and add the effect of three-dimensional in your space. You can also achieve additional special touches by installing his and hers mirrors if your bathroom is shared. Mirrors are a great way to enhance the style of your bathroom. If you want a more classic design, choose a traditional mirror with delicate and beautiful frame or if you want a modern touch, look for mirrors with sharp or round edges.

Play with your lighting
Lighting can set the mood in any bathroom. Opt for light fixtures that will complement the design scheme of your bathroom. You can create warmth by using light bulbs which allows colors to look more natural. In addition, LED lighting under the vanity or a bathroom shelf will create a special effect. For additional warmth, you can use non-fluorescent lights on both sides of your vanity’s mirror.

Pamper yourself with towels and rugs
To create that luxurious and pampered feeling use toweling. You can achieve that cozy feeling when there are soft and welcoming touches in your bathroom. To do this, you can pile your towels, draperies and the likes as well as use comfortable rugs. Fluffy and luxurious towels are an investment which will create an inviting and warm atmosphere in your bathroom.

Install a piece of art
A piece of art that is strategically positioned in your space can sometimes be the perfect finishing touch in the décor of your bathroom. The subject of the painting can also have an impact on overall ambiance of the room. For a warmer ambiance look for subjects like sunsets or water relate. If you want a more colorful artwork, make sure that whatever you choose will work with your bathroom’s overall theme. Abstract paintings are ideal as well as black and white prints.